What does the word ,,teenager” mean?

According to Wikipedia ,,teenager” means a young person whose age falls within the range from thirteen through nineteen (13–19). They are called teenagers because their age number ends in “teen”. Someone aged 18 or 19 is also considered a young adult.Teenagers

Well, yeah, that’s true. But! In my opinion, teenager is a person who often experiences real hormones’ storms. Also, during this period of life teenager’s searching for himself. He doesn’t know what he wants AND his opinion and feelings can change through an hour. Most people think teenagers are moody, argumentative, lazy and etc.etc.

If this isn’t enough, their parents ,,help” them by thinking that teenagers are a nightmare. They treat them like they’re small children instead of using teenagers’ desire to feel grown- up to their advantage. What is more, parents absolutely don’t trust teenagers. They want to know everything, they want to control everything. This ends up teenagers not telling their parents what they’re up to because they’ll be cross.

Even though, there are some GOOD news 🙂 Today we have some extremely smart  teenagers who have created surprising inventions! Check out this: http://www.nbcnews.com/technology/teenager-invents-flashlight-powered-warmth-your-hand-6C10485762   Cool, hum? That means not all teenagers are lazy, moody, argumentative and disruptive.

So, I hope you understood what really is a teenager! And I’m inviting you to express Your opinion about teenagers in comments bellow 😉